About The O’Connor Precinct

The O’Connor precinct is divided into distinct residential and industrial areas which are in turn cut in half by Stock Road.

Residential areas comprise a) the bounded by Carrington, Clarke, Hines and South Street which also includes a small commercial area – the Hilton Fresh arcade  et al and the chemist. b) the area bounded by Stockdale, Peel, Chamberlain and South Streets. c)  Plane Tree Grove/Taylor South on the other side of Stock Road. These residential areas form the smaller portion of the precicnt.

The Commercial areas are curved round and intersperse the residential areas and form by far the greater portion of the precinct. The businesses in these commercial area never cease to amaze by the variety and size of the businesses.

The precinct committee is currently in  recess as we were unable to get enough members to meetings to form a quorum to pass the minutes. The Fremantle Council Precinct officers did all they could to help the precinct then and if anyone wants to revive the committee then I am sure that help would be forthcoming again

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